Research Features Articles

Web hosted content produced for Research Features Magazine:

Exploring proteins through visualisation

Promising protein research for neurodegenerative diseases

Cutting edge technology gives new vision for old problems

Investigating targets for a new class of anti-HIV drugs

The challenge of treating a stiff heart

Unveiling the human immune response

Navigating anatomical architecture during liver cancer treatment

Rare, but essential – the amino acid selenocysteine

Fighting to eradicate chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy

Gene research sheds new light on ALS

Dissecting the molecular mechanisms that underpin evolution

A fresh perspective into cancer cell development through the mechanics of cell architecture

Novel mouse models reveal molecular details of skin cell death

Discovering a new generation of small molecule cancer treatments

Novel mouse models set to uncover hidden drivers of aggressive prostate cancer

Diagnosing Parkinson’s disease before the onset of motor symptoms

Focusing precision medicine through unravelling genetic variation

Novel kinase inhibitors offer fresh treatment hope for prostate and pancreatic cancer



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